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92 painted the town your favorite color cross your fingers and pray for winter

Friends Only [08 Feb 2004|12:03pm]

Age: 19
Sex: Female
Location: Long Island, NY
School: Sachem Class of 2004, Now St. Joseph's College
Hobbies: Playing Guitar and Bass, Going To Shows, Listening to Screamo/Emo/Post-Hardcore/some Hardcore/some Pop-Punk music, Taking pictures of bands at shows, Talking To People Online, Going To The Mall, Hanging Out With Friends, Going To The Movies and more.
Fave Bands:
- The Starting Line
- The Early November
- Matchbook Romance
- Atreyu
- A Static Lullaby
- Finch
- Hidden In Plain View
- UnderOath
- The Used
- New Found Glory
- Alexisonfire
- Brand New
- Funeral For A Friend
- Taking Back Sunday
- Fall Out Boy
- My Chemical Romance
- From Autumn To Ashes
- Halifax
- Silverstein
- Green Day
- Story Of The Year and ALOT more (check out my info)

If We Have Similar Interests Comment and Add Me, I'll Add You Back, I Also Like Comments and Comment Back.

Don't Add Me If:
x We Have Nothing In Common
x You Talk Lyke Dis
x You Just Wanna Make Your Friends List Bigger

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